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Coziness of Home Set to Play a Big Role in Office Space Design

December 14, 2020

With a world going through one of its most significant global challenges in a century, we know that our cities and spaces will not be the same as what we left behind pre-pandemic. As Europe and the USA are now going through the second wave of substantial restrictions, it is becoming more apparent that we want to meet face to face, socialize, and connect in person. Most office workers are looking forward to returning to the office and spending most of their workweek at the office.

New needs and expectations in workplace design will come out of this pandemic. However, many of these were already present pre-COVID. The extensive WFH period is speeding up the implementation of these new needs. One of the main changes will be the end of the large open space offices and the introduction of a more closed off environment, offering the coziness of home. Noise reduction plays a considerable role in achieving such an atmosphere: acoustic panels come into play, together with soft floor coverings such as carpets. Read More >