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Design Your Slab by Iris Ceramica Group Offers Bold Expression of Style for Interior & Exterior

November 8, 2020

Customizing spaces in homes, businesses and public places is a key goal of contemporary design.

DYS Design Your Slabs is a decorating solution allowing Iris Ceramica Group brands to reproduce any image or illustration on ceramic maxi-slabs, a surprising and innovative solution permitting free, creative reinterpretation of everyday living spaces.

Design Your Slabs permits creation of any kind of image on high-tech ceramic maxi-slabs, an increasingly popular covering material in many of today’s interior design styles.

For example, it is possible to create aesthetic and artistic compositions with textures inspired by optical effects, geometric shapes, abstract forms, or landscapes, or create evocative effects of visual continuity with 300x150 cm maxi-slabs. DYS maxi-slabs are true items of furniture as they can also be used to make countertops and furnishings, or to frame walls as if they were works of art. Read More >