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Is Back to School Your Next Opportunity?

By Sandy Montero

September 21, 2020

Over the years, I’ve often heard that the back to school season has generally been a good one for flooring sales. Summer is winding down, people are getting back to their normal routines, and the kids are not in the house all day. My question is: How will this year be different?

While I haven’t seen any comprehensive return-to-school strategies, school systems have announced plans that range from full return, to split schedules with half the kids in class one week, while the other half works from home and then switch it up on subsequent weeks, to fully remote classes.

As homeschooling takes on a new meaning (and new challenges), there might be an opportunity to focus on creating dedicated spaces for kids right at home.

Carpet tiles are other great ways to create well-defined spaces for learning that kids can enjoy and take ownership of while at the same time keeping costs down for parents. You can literally transform any corner into a remote, fun and personal classroom. Same with area rugs (for those few flooring retailers that still carry them). Read More >