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Layering Area Rugs is a Hot Trend

September 21, 2020

Area rugs bring warmth and style to the living room, bedrooms, and other similar spaces in your home. Traditionally, a single rug will suffice, especially when it's accessorized with other types of furniture.

You may be missing out, though, on the potential to add even more color and texture to your room. Get bold with your decor, and consider this designer-approved trend: the layered look.

By topping a large area rug with a smaller accent rug, you increase the visual interest in the space. And because rug options abound, you can play with a wide variety, without committing to a single type.

Pulling off the layered look may seem like a tactic that requires a trained eye (i.e., the experience of a design expert), but the trick here is to embrace the clash. So gather up all the floor coverings in your home, and let the creativity begin.

To help you put together the most compatible layers, here are some tips from design pros. Check out which rooms benefit from more than one rug, as well as our quick and easy guide to the best rug pairings. Read More >