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A First-hand Look at Two New Initiatives That Take Retailer Technology to the Next Level

January 19, 2023

Leap Tools, the inventor of Roomvo, the highly popular state-of-the-art room visualizer used by many retailers, manufacturers, and distributors, will be offering a first-hand look at two new initiatives that
takes their retailer technology to the next level.

Roomvo is supported by over 100 flooring manufacturer brands, each maintaining and updating their accessible product portfolios on the platform. According to Leap Tools, the visualizer is free for all retailers to add to their existing website. "In the past, dealers didn't want to send their customers to a manufacturer's website to visualize how a product will look in their home," said Brandon Shidlowski, director of dealer operations for Leap Tools. “Once they were off the dealer’s website, they could surf (and shop) anywhere.” Now, Roomvo is accessed seamlessly by means of a widget on the dealer's website and can keep the retailer’s shopper engaged and on their site.

Leap Tools also offers additional products for a small monthly fee like the Roomvo Catalog, a product catalog integrated with the visualizer that can easily be embedded into a dealer’s site. For those who don’t have a website or want an upgrade, they can build you a Roomvo Site in just 5 minutes - all of which come standard with their product catalog, visualizer and lead capture forms. 

In addition to seeing Roomvo demonstrations at booth #5419, visitors will also learn about two new exciting features being introduced at TISE.

Roomvo QR Code Generator is in beta testing and will connect the actual product in the dealer’s store with the Roomvo visualizer, bridging the gap between their digital and physical showrooms. The dealer can generate a QR code sticker through Roomvo Pro, attach it to the product sample, where the shopper can then scan the QR code and see the sample on the display … in their room, in seconds! Try it out at the Leap Tools booth.

Roomvo Kiosk is also in beta testing and will be at TISE for you to experience. Shoppers will be able to explore the design possibilities they’ve selected by scanning various products with QR codes that are linked to 43" touch screen kiosk. This is another connecting point between the virtual world and the retail showroom. "We're going to close the loop on this and let customers bring their room to life with these new Roomvo innovations,” said Shidlowski.

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