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Not a Fad—Polished Concrete and Pourable Wear Toppings

By John McGrath

November 8, 2020

While polished concrete has been around for years, it has recently seen a dramatic increase in popularity among specifiers working in commercial and industrial spaces. The growth in demand can be attributed to its durability, sustainable selling points, and improved technology and grinding techniques.

Despite the uncertainties of Covid-19, polished concrete and pourable wear toppings continue to rise in popularity. Highly cleanable, durable and aesthetically pleasing, they represent a shift in commercial interior design, and are no longer just a trend. Concrete and pourable wear toppings are leading to new revenue streams and opportunities for flooring contractors around the country.

Yet as polished concrete continues to rise in prominence, flooring contractors and installers must also rise to the occasion in order to complete projects on time, on budget and without callbacks. That’s why organizations like INSTALL have partnered with top manufacturers to develop training sessions that are designed for specific types of machines and product lines. Read More >