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Shaw Industries on the Importance of Making Employees Feel at Home

By Nigel Holloway

December 14, 2020

In early 2018, Shaw Industries had a goal: increase its share of the U.S. commercial flooring market to at least one-third. The problem was that each extra percentage point of market share was taxing employees and resulting in high turnover.

When Bill Magee was appointed Shaw’s vice president of customer experience in February 2018, the first thing he looked at was employee experience. Aware of how important it was to make workers content, he went into the trenches to really understand their lives on the job.“Having walked in the shoes of our sales organization and our marketing associates, it didn’t feel that good,” said Magee. Shaw’s sales and marketing team “really worked as a shock absorber.”

Magee noted that custom and unusual requests forced employees to jump through extraordinary hoops, since Shaw’s internal processes were complicated and designed for standardized consumer requirements. Magee also identified five key areas that would drastically improve the company’s ability to respond to customers: Read More >