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The Soft Sell—Carpet at Retail

By Anna Zappia


November 8, 2020

As hard surface continues to gain market share, and flooring professionals are faced with a challenging retail landscape, those in the carpet sector have had to adapt quickly to keep sales figures strong. Yet even with the pandemic and changing tastes, carpet remains the choice for consumers looking to bring color, pattern, and texture into select areas of the home.

Indeed, though the preference for hardwood is clear, there’s a renewed interest in carpet, especially during the pandemic. People are spending more time at home, and they are finally ready to update their carpeting—sometimes after a decade or more with the same flooring.

With people working from home in greater numbers, carpet has added appeal for its comfort factor. “More people are going to continue to work out of their homes, and they are going to want to spend money on their home offices. The one thing that carpet has that hard surface never will is comfort and warmth,” said Jamie Welborn, Mohawk’s vice president of product management, soft surface. Read More >