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Tiling Over Existing Tile

By Tom Meehan

November 8, 2020

Harwich, MA, tile installer Tom Meehan, author of Working with Tile, was recently called in to look at a 12-year-old shower floor. The floor was intact, but the grout lines had darkened over time, and it was unsightly. The house is a seasonal rental on the beach that rents for top dollar, and the owners wanted the bathroom to be presentable. Cleaning with a strong detergent acid made no headway against the grime, so Meehan suggested tiling over the floor with new tile, since the original floor was sound.

Meehan used flat river stones in a mesh sheet for the floor, and custom-made decorative tiles in the shape of sea creatures such as fish, crabs, and clams, for a seaside flourish. He had the homeowners position the decorative tiles on the shower floor, and took a picture so he would remember where to place them. Read More >