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JANUARY 2022 | SESA Chooses StonExpo as THE Event for 2022

January 15, 2022 - Dallas, TX

“It’s a win-win for fabricators and .machine manufacturers."-- Jon Lantco, CEO of SESA 

Most of the 45 member equipment manufacturers of the new trade alliance, SESA (Stone Equipment Suppliers Alliance), will exhibit at StonExpo, part of TISE (The International Surfaces Show) in Las Vegas, NV February 1-February 3, 2022, as announced by SESA and TISE management.

“We are thrilled with this new alliance in the stone industry,” said Michelle Swayze, Senior Marketing Manager of Informa Markets, the owner of TISE. “This ensures robust participation by the major machine manufacturers at StonExpo and is a definite plus for our show attendees. Everything will be here.” 

SESA was formed in January of 2021 by the top manufacturers of stone fabrication equipment, supplies and software for stone fabrication in the U.S. and Europe. The mission of SESA is to coordinate the exhibition by its members, together in one show, for the benefit of all, as well as for the stone fabricator attendees, according to Jon Lantco, CEO of SESA. “They've (SESA members) coordinated in that regard and now are all concentrating on bringing large equipment to just one show,” observed Lancto. “Virtually all the companies that fabricators want to see are members of SESA and will be at StonExpo.

”Of all the industries in the surfaces business, stone fabrication machinery is among the largest, heaviest, and most complex to deal with logistically. To move a piece of equipment that may weigh several tons, assemble it and disassemble it after the show to ship back across the country in a matter of a few days is an expensive proposition. SESA has saved its members considerable time and expense by organizing the manufacturers into a group of sought-after exhibitors that can be found in one place for the buyer's convenience.

While attending StonExpo, fabricators from all over the country will see a range of high-tech solutions that deal with fabricating or installing stone of any kind, for both interiors and exteriors, and residential and commercial. These high-performance tools will include saws with water jets, programmable robotic controlled machines, computer-operated CNC routers and polishers, new diamond pad technology, template systems, and much more. And as always, there will be lots of up-close product demonstrations. “It's the whole gamut from order processing through completing a successful installation … making sure there's a happy customer again,” said Lancto.

Among the exhibitors at StonExpo 2022 will be these SESA members:     

  • Park Industries – a family-owned American company, founded in 1953. It has sold more than 15,700 machines in North America and specializes in high-precision fabricating solutions.
  • BB Industries – Selling only the highest quality stone and tile tools and decorative concrete products.
  • Comandulli—One of the world’s leading producers of polishing machines in the stone industry.
  • BACA Systems—Innovative countertop fabrication solutions and leader in Robotic SawJet technology.
  • Intermac—A range of integrated and complete solutions for machining natural and synthetic stone for the construction, furniture, and stone industries.

Lancto strongly recommends StonExpo as well worth the time to attend. “Through the coordination with the Natural Stone Institutes initiatives this will be the show that fabricators will have the most to see and learn about their industry.”Stone professionals and fabricators who want to experience these sough-after exhibitors all in one place can register with this special registration offer to Las Vegas.