ICRI Moisture Testing Certification at The International Surface Event

International Concrete Repair Institute's (ICRI) Concrete Slab Moisture Program

The purpose of this certification program is to help improve the performance of concrete slab moisture testing to result in more consistent, accurate, and reliable results that will help flooring manufacturers, architects, engineers, and contractors make better decisions as to when a concrete floor is ready for a floor covering installation.

The certification program has two tiers. Tier 1 applicants are those who are not regularly engaged in slab moisture testing, yet have an active interest in learning more about the tests, what the tests mean, and how the tests should be performed. Tier 2 applicants are those who seek full certification. Both tiers require attendance at a 3-hour educational session, followed by a written exam. Tier 2 full certification applicants will also be required to perform each of the five applicable ASTM tests under the watchful eye of a qualified judge who will not provide any level of coaching. Pre-qualification for acceptance into the Tier 2 full certification program will be previous hands-on moisture testing experience, as approved by ICRI. As an alternative, applicants may take the optional Demonstration and Workshop to fulfill the previous testing experience required.

Presented by: International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI)

NFIC Workshop at The International Surface Event

Natural Fiber Installers Certification (NFIC) Workshop

NFIC offers this free session will give you the tools that you need to help educate your customers on the value of "wool carpet" - i.e. Woven & Tufted Wool. You will leave with an understanding of the advantages and benefits of wool carpet. Great session if you are new to the wool market or want more information to bring to your clients and staff. 

Presented by: Natural Fiber Installers Certification (NFIC)