CONVERGE Education Program

CONVERGE // con·verge // to tend or move toward one point or one another: come together: meet: the act of converging and moving toward union or uniformity: the convergence of three points

   How is CONVERGE Different?

The International Surface Event presents CONVERGE, a brand new education program launched in 2019 that is designed by you, for you - the industry! We have listened to the feedback over the years and carefully crafted the new program to ensure you can get exactly the education you need, in the time you need, with the benefits you desire....

  • The previous 8 education tracks have been reconfigured into 3 targeted interest groups. You may see yourself in all 3 groups. Not a problem!
  • No more advance registering for sessions. You may pass freely between sessions.
  • Complimentary coffee and water in the CONVERGE Lounge during education hours.
  • There is one main entrance for CONVERGE. No more searching for room numbers.
  • The room sets are engineered for optimal learning with comfortable seating, rounds, and classroom-style setups in the same room.
  • The times have changed and so have we. CONVERGE has a full day of programming the day before the show opens, and is now only 8:00 am - 12:00 pm during the exhibit hall days to allow time for the busy trade show schedule, exhibits, on-floor education, and demos.
  • All CONVERGE attendees are VIPs at TISE. You will receive a VIP badge, 30-minute early access to the show floor on Thursday and Friday morning, CONVERGE lounge access, happy hour and a gift bag.

   What are the Persona Interest Groups?

At The International Surface Event, we understand that to do business in modern times, you wear many hats. We've analyzed the different industry careers into three targeted interest groups. We also know from our research analysis, that you'll see yourself in more than one group! So, we've made it easy for you to pass between business, creative, and technical sessions that correspond to each interest group.

The Hammer + Nails track targets: installers, fabricators, builders, contractors, and remodelers. This program is open to anyone wanting to learn more about how the products they sell or specify are installed to avoid job failures and issues.

The Suits track is packed with business related topics targeted towards: retailers, dealers, distributors, sales associates, business owners, and other industry professionals. This program is open to anyone who wants to learn more about industry forecasting, show room strategy, or other pertinent industry-related, business management success tools.

The Creatives track covers creative and design-related topics geared towards: designers, architects, marketing professionals, and small business owners who have to do it all. This program is open to anyone who wants to learn more on design trends, color forecasting, product photography, social media, or any creative elements that helps industry businesses grow.

   Need More Information?

Watch our quick sizzle video to get excited for the upcoming CONVERGE program. Watch for announcements inside registration and in our TISE e-newsletters for session reveals as the program is curated. And, look at our FAQs below for more info..

When registration opens, you will be able to register online through the TISE registration system or using the TISE registration PDF form. From there, you can select the CONVERGE education package. When you select the education package, there will be the option to select one or more of three interest groups: SUITS, CREATIVES, HAMMER + NAILS. Select all that apply to you. That’s it, it’s that simple.

After completing the registration process and selecting your interest group(s), you wait. In the fall leading into the event, based on the interest group(s) you selected, you will receive an email with the session listing that correspond to those interest group(s). When the sessions are announced, you may use the TISE mobile app “CONVERGE Sessions” button or the Mobile App online portal to star sessions you are interested in and build your event schedule.Also, inside registration when you click your interest groups, you will see a dropdown of LIVE sneak-peek listing of the sesisons that will populate as they are confirmed for the upcoming year.

CONVERGE is designed to be flexible in multiple ways:

(1) You do not have to register for specific sessions. If you are in a session and would like to switch to a different session happening at that time in another interest group, you may simply walk out and into the other session. No need to adjust your registration.

(2) The new schedule is mornings only on the days the show floor is open to allow you to visit exhibitors the entire afternoon.

(3) Mini pop up education sessions lasting only 20 minutes will be occurring in the CONVERGENCE lounge for quick learning opportunities.

CONVERGE is located in the North Convention Center downstairs from the main exhibit hall. CONVERGE only has one main entrance; no more searching for different room numbers. You enter the main CONVERGE education entrance into the CONVERGENCE lounge. From here, all three interest group room entrances can be accessed.  Yes, there are only three rooms.

CONVERGE sessions will be a perfect blend of panel discussions, breakout sessions, and small group learning. Each room is carefully designed to produce a conducive learning environment for all session formats. The old-school, row-upon-row classroom style seating is no more. 

Ummm, YES, and we will capture you on camera and use it in the show footage. Fair warning, LOL.