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We have created a quick and simple tradeshow marketing toolkit just for you! Now is the time to market your booth and build up your exposure prior to the event. The toolkit is complimentary for you to use. Access your buyer invite toolkit from a button on your exhibitor dashboard. Login to begin.


Invite your customers FREE with your toolkit. With your toolkit, you can...

Marketing Toolkit

Access to your Feathr dashboard.

From this dashboard, you can access your custom microsite referral webpage, email blast, and banners. You may also update your logo, web address, and company profile that are infused into your marketing tools.

Marketing Toolkit

Refer your buyers to your microsite.

We have produced a custom referral webpage especially for you. It includes your exhibiting as name, promo code for registration, company description, and more – all ready prepopulated and ready to go.

Share your unique microsite link which is accessible from your Feathr dashboard in email blasts, link it from your email signatures or website banners, post in social media, and more. There are easy share to social buttons for Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn also available on your Feathr toolkit dashboard.

Marketing Toolkit

Promote your booth with your custom email template.

A pre-designed custom email template has been designed especially for your company including your exhibiting as name, promo code for registration, company description, and more. There are two options for sending an email.

  1. You may send emails directly from your Feathr dashboard. Simply click the “Send Invites” button, then walk through the setup and scheduling steps to send your invites.

  2. If you prefer to send your emails through your internal system, you may simply send the email to yourself initially. Then use that email to forward to your contact list.

Marketing Toolkit

Give loyal customers referral banners.

Custom referral banners are available on your dashboard in the three most standard web banner sizes. Click on the “Preview Banners” to review the banner. To place the banner, click the “Get Banners” button.
  • SURFACES VERSION: 728 pixels x 90 pixels
  • STONEXPO VERSION: 728 pixels x 90 pixels
  • TILEEXPO VERSION: 728 pixels x 90 pixels

If you need special banner sizes, please let us know. We will try to accommodate your request.

Marketing Toolkit

Acquire leads using your personal reg codes.

These links and codes are automatically infused into your referral webpage, email, and banners. You may download a leads list of those attendees who register using your code on your MyEvent Dashboard on the TISE website.