The Suits: 
Content for retailers, dealers, distributors, sales reps, and other business professionals.

The traditional conference program at TISE has been completely revamped and will feature curated content that will offer the industry a whole new targeted, yet flexible way to gain training, knowledge, and information. The new program is called Converge. 

CONVERGE // con·verge // to tend or move toward one point or one another: come together: meet: the act of converging and moving toward union or uniformity: the convergence of three points.

In years past the program has been bogged down with up to 9 concurrent sessions, all day programming with barely any breaks, a complicated registration process and the same speakers for 20+ years!  With the new program, there are only 3 concurrent sessions, morning programming with afternoons to be on the show floor, and all new speakers. The focus will be on three main interests groups, Hammer + Nails, Suits, and Creatives. 

Business professionals flood the TISE exhibit halls to meet with longtime business connections, seek new connections, expand their product lines, purchase products for their retail store for the upcoming year, and gain insight and trends first-hand from manufacturers. Many business professionals bring their entire teams for annual meetings and to train their staff in the industry's premier learning program, the TISE Converge Program.

  • Take education sessions that offer education credits
  • See, touch, and feel high-end flooring and installation in person
  • Hear directly from the industry leaders on their thoughts and vision behind the innovative spaces they've created
  • Watch presentations by some of the most acclaimed and famous design and architecture icons 
  • Shop on the event floor and take your very own treasures home with you
  • Meet one-on-one with top industry's associations
  • Explore the event floor to discover design resources and gain inspiration

Join us at TISE for the complete experience.

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