LAS VEGAS IN-PERSON EXHIBITS + HYBRID 31 January-2 February 2023

Mandalay Bay Convention Center | 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Badge Pickup FAQs

Badge Pickup FAQ
New badge policies and procedures for TISE.

TISE will be distributing physical badges and lanyards at the event. In order to facilitate expedited badge distribution on-site, the event is asking all attendees to follow the below steps.

Step 1: All attendees are required to register online before arriving on-site in order to receive your quick scan-and-print barcode. You may use a printed version of the barcode or pull the barcode up on your mobile device for scanning by registration customer service.

Step 2: Bring your scan-and-print barcode from your registration email confirmation to one of these two locations at the event. The hall A location is more expansive so we advice trying this location first before heading to the Bayside E/F lobby.

Step 3: Your physical badge will provide you access to any major entrance to the exhibit hall.

New Badge Pickup Locations



Access Hall A, adjacent to the showfloor, for the largest space to pickup your badge. Hall A is accessible through the Bayside Lobby down the hall from the Fedex Center. Signage will point you in the correct direction. If you are arriving via shuttles or vehicle drop-off, there is convenient access to this lobby through the Shark Reef entrance from the drop-off area.


Bayside E/F Lobby is the smaller space for badge pickup. The Bayside E/F Lobby is accessible through the Bayside Lobby and down the long corridore to Halls E and F. If you are arriving via shuttles or vehicle drop-off, there is access to this lobby through a large bay of doors from the drop-off area.


If you have further questions or concerns, contact registration customer service at [email protected].