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TISE Commitment to Sustainability

Shaping the Surfaces Industry for a Sustainable Future.

We know that sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Running TISE gives us many opportunities to improve our impact environmentally, socially and economically in the regions we operate.

We want to make TISE more responsible and play a role in helping the market improve its own sustainability. We do this through connecting people with networks and knowledge to help solve the big challenges in our industry.

Our three pledges

Inspiring Sustainable Development



See It In Action - Green Initiatives


We minimize energy use by reducing the lights, power and HVAC during move-in and move-out times in exhibit halls.

Exhibitor Service Manuals (ESM)

ESMs are available electronically via our website. If you require paper kits, any materials that are used will be made from post-consumer recovered fiber and recycled paper.

Booth Furnishings

We make use of pre-cut to length table top vinyl, reusable drapery, wooden tables and biodegradable trash can liners.

Signs & Graphics

Whenever possible, graphics are produced from environmentally responsible components with water based inks.

Octanorm Structures

All of our Octanorm metal is reusable and recyclable. Shelving is made of renewable resources and lighted structures are Energy Star Saver approved.

Staff Training

Our staff is trained to properly dispose of recyclable materials and other waste.

Signs & Graphics

Whenever possible, graphics are produced from environmentally responsible components with water based inks.

Octanorm Structures

All of our Octanorm metal is reusable and recyclable. Shelving is made of renewable resources and lighted structures are Energy Star Saver approved.

Transportation & Equipment

We utilize bio-diesel or alternative fuel trucks when feasible and use natural gas forklifts and hand carts to move freight which assists in air quality.

Material Recycling

We recycle scrap materials by returning it to vendors who reprocess it for future use as well as use it for various packing and shipping needs. All cardboard and bulk paper is recycled.

MGM Resorts Initiatives


  • Developing 100MW Solar Array to power 90% of daytime energy for all Las Vegas resort
  • Installed 1.5 million energy efficient LEDs, one or America’s largest lighting retrofits

Green & Gold Certified Venues

  • 20M square feet of LEED Gold certified venues
  • 50M square feet of Green Key certified venues

Water Conservation

  • Saved 5.6 billion gallons of water through conservation efforts
  • Converted 200,000 square feet of grass to desert-friendly landscaping


  • Diverted 800,000 tons of materials from landfills
  • Sent over 100,000 pounds of oyster shells back to help restore ocean ecosystems


  • Contributed $15M in charitable donations and volunteered over 120,000 hours
  • Donated 600,000 meals through one of the hotel sector’s largest food donations programs

Mandalay Bay Initiatives


  • 211,000 lights changed to energy efficient LEDs
  • 8.3 MW rooftop solar array, one of America’s largest 

Green & Gold Certified Venues

  • 5 Green Keys for venue and meetings by Green Key Global

Water Conservation

  • Installed water efficient plumbing fixtures to save millions of gallons of water a year


  • Diverted 85,800 tons of materials from landfills
  • Composted over 50 tons of coffee grounds


  • Donated over 98,000 meals to Three Square Food Bank
  • Logged over 18,600 volunteer hours


In addition to supporting the TISE event with the TISE Green Initiatives mentioned above, Freeman assists exhibitors in knowing how to go green when building and implementing their exhibits by offering them a set of helpful tips. These tips assist them in making sure they use sustainable booth strategies that are cost-neutral or even cost-savings and that leave an impact on the show floor, not the environment. View the Freeman Cares Guide.



TISE, as a surface material event, is the perfect event to donate booth materials such as flooring, stone, and tile to local charities that support restoring and assisting home improvements in under priviledged areas.

TISE, with the assistance of Freeman, implement a program on-site to recover and distribute materials either used inside an exhibitors booths or that were shipped to the event and not installed into their booths. Partnering with a local area charity who brings a crew to remove the materials from the event.

In 2022, TISE worked with Honeycomb Solutions and participating exhibitors, offsetting over 80,000 lbs of product that would have gone to waste and reclaimed the gently used products for donations to several non-profit organizations.

In 2014, The International Surface Event proudly announced that participating exhibitors donated over 100,000 lbs. of gently used product to charitable organizations during the TISE recycling initiative, coordinated by Mountain Re-Source Center and Tile Partners for Humanity!


Beyond the Surface Programs are designed to reach deeper into the many parts of the floor covering, stone, and tile industries. 

  • Women's Leadership Conference
  • New Business and Innovators in the Startup Station Program
  • Installer of the Year US Traveling Competition
  • Setting the Stage Initiatives in TISE Education
  • Exhibitor Booth Material Donation Program


How Our Commitment Works

1. Inspiring Sustainable Development

Our first aim is for our events to inspire sustainable development.

This is about the sustainability of the industry that our event serves. With focus on our content and partnerships, we inspire our attendees, exhibitors and event teams to deliver a sustainable event.

2. Running an Environmentally Responsible Event

Our second aim is to run our events in an environmentally responsible manner.

The key is considering how we can reduce our carbon footprint through energy efficiency, consideration of our energy use, waste reduction and our procurement choices.

3. Running a Socially Responsible Event

Our third aim is to run our events in a socially responsible manner.

This requires us to think about the impact we have on the local community and whether we are being a good neighbor. It also includes how we consider the welfare of everyone at our events, how we do business in an ethical and safe manner and how we promote equality and accessibility.